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    A Look at the Best Medium Haircut Styles

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Getting a haircut does not mean that you need to try out a drastic new style. Keep reading for some medium-length style ideas that can give you a new look on your next visit to the salon:

    A Sleek, One-Length Look

    If you like to wear your hair super straight, you might want to stick with a one-length style. When your locks fall just beneath your shoulders, you have the option of wearing your hair up or down in a variety of styles. Use a straightener to get a sleek look with plenty of shine.

    A Shaggy, Natural Style

    Let your hair rock it out in its natural state with a shaggy cut that gives you just a little bit of attitude. Ask your hair stylist to give you just a few layers at the bottom of your cut to enhance the natural movement of your hair. Add some wispy bangs and a little bit of product, and you are left with a beautiful style with plenty of personality.

    Lots of Layers

    Add volume and texture to your hair with lots of layers. These various lengths make it easy to get some tousled waves that frame your face and give you a new way to style your hair. If you have fine hair, this is a great style to instantly add body to your look.

    All About the Bangs

    Try out some bangs to give your medium-length hair a new look without a drastic cut. Long bangs that span across your eye line highlight your facial features and add something new to your hairstyle.  

    Whether you want a simple trim or a whole new look, the expert stylists at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon are here for you. As one of the top salons in Dallas, we do everything we can to give you the look you want. To learn more about our products and services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (214) 717-5859.

    Hair Care Tips for Healthy and Damaged Hair

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Every head of hair can look fabulous with the right tools and tricks! Your hair stylist can help you determine what type of hair you have and what types of products and styling tools you should use. These tips can help you care for healthy or damaged hair at home:

    Washing Healthy Hair

    Shampoo may be advertised as a hair product, but it is actually designed more for your scalp than your actual hair. Cleaning the scalp is an essential part of keeping healthy hair clean and shiny, which is why shampooing should be a normal part of your beauty routine! Rinse your hair thoroughly and gently massage your scalp with a small amount of shampoo. Let the shampoo run through the length of your hair before rinsing again.

    Styling Healthy Hair

    While styling tools and products can make your hair look great, these items can also damage your hair if used too much over time. Keep your healthy hair in great shape by keeping your styling routine simple. Look for styling products with more natural ingredients and fewer harsh chemicals and use these products sparingly—a little really does go a long way! When using hairdryers and other hot styling tools, use the lowest heat setting possible and avoid too much direct contact with hair.

    Washing Damaged Hair

    Damaged hair typically looks dry and frizzy. Using too much shampoo or the wrong type of shampoo can worsen the appearance of damaged hair. Start repairing your locks by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners designed to strengthen and improve frizz and damage.

    Styling Damaged Hair

    It is best to avoid styling products and tools whenever possible when trying to repair damaged hair. Let your hair dry naturally when possible or use a hairdryer on the lowest heat setting to dry your hair partially. Use moisturizing serums or oils to protect your hair before using styling tools.

    Let the hair experts at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon help you care for your healthy or damaged hair! Our Dallas hair salon specializes in a variety of treatments for damaged hair, including the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment. Call us at (214) 613-1857 to learn more.

    Classic Men's Hairstyles for Fall

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Women are not the only ones who get to try out a new look in time for fall. Consider asking the hairstylist for the following men’s styles on your next visit to the salon to change up your look with the new season:

    The Leonardo DiCaprio

    Although he is a notable actor, DiCaprio is also a popular topic of conversation because of his hair. His signature style of ordered chaos helps you transition easily from the workplace to social occasions. With some gel serum, a side part, and a little bit of styling, your hairstylist can help you rock this look in time for fall.

    The Ryan Gosling

    Mr. Gosling chooses a hairstyle that is versatile enough to work for practically any kind of hair or face. When talking to your stylist about this haircut, request that your haircut is high and tight on the sides with some extra hair on the top. The stylist can help you get a strong part that is easy to maintain with a little bit of pomade and a comb.

    The Hugh Jackman

    This Australian actor is a global sex symbol. If you want to emulate his locks, talk to your stylist about leaving about a half inch of hair on the sides and about two-and-a-half on the top. This gives you the freedom to experiment with a few different looks that can easily translate from daytime to nighttime styles.

    The Chris Pine

    If you have a square jaw, you might want to try out a shorter hairstyle like the actor Chris Pine. This look is short and tight on the sides with just a little bit more length on the top. This no-nonsense style only requires a little bit of pomade. You can let it air dry to achieve your desired results.

    No matter what kind of style you want this fall, the qualified stylists at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon can help you get it. As one of the top salons in Dallas, we can always give you the look you want. Call (214) 717-5859 to set up an appointment. 

    Diet Tips to Help Your Hair Grow

    Last updated 7 months ago

    You are what you eat—especially when it comes to your hair. The right diet provides your body with the minerals and vitamins needed to produce hair that is long, strong, and healthy. If you haven’t had luck improving your hair with external products, now might be the time to consider the affects of your diet.

    Watch this video for a brief overview of foods that can help your hair grow. Hair is made of protein, which is why a protein-rich diet is essential for keeping long and healthy hair. Choose lean proteins such as fish or chicken and pair them with vegetables that provide vitamins that also improve hair growth.

    Now that you know what to eat, learn how to wash and style from the hair stylists at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon! Give us a call at (214) 613-1857 to schedule an appointment in our Dallas hair salon

    Tips for Styling Straight Hair

    Last updated 8 months ago

    If you have straight hair that does not hold a curl, you can use a curling iron, some clips, and some hairspray to add a little bit more volume to your look. Start by separating the hair into horizontal sections. Wrap the ends all the way around a curling iron barrel and let it sit for about ten seconds before allowing it to fall off the iron.

    Once the curls have cooled off, you can start to bring them down. Spray a dressing brush with hairspray, section the hair, and gently comb the curls. Check out this video to learn more about the technique.

    When you go to Johnny Rodriguez the Salon for your next haircut, you can expect the hairstylists to give you advice about how to recreate your look at home. We offer some of the best cut and color services in Dallas. Call (214) 717-5859 to learn more.

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